Esther Süss & Jennie Stenerhag return to defend Cape Epic title

Meerendal Wine Estate and Cape Brewing Company are excited to announce that Esther Süss and Jennie Stenerhag will both return to defend their title as team Meerendal CBC at the 2018 Cape Epic.

The pair teamed up for the first time in 2017 and promptly roared from success to success. Tankwa Trek in February, Cape Epic in March, Transalp in July and Swiss Epic in September. An unforgettable season that will be hard to match by any women’s team in the future.

The pair had been close friends for 8 years, prior to racing together for the first time. “We ride very well together since we both stay very calm and ride a consistent pace without taking too many risks” says Jennie Stenerhag. Both agree that they have a good understanding for each other and don’t need to exchange many words whilst racing.

Esther Süss, who initially thought to herself, winning the Cape Epic 2017 was a great time to say goodbye to the event, says “it’s just too much of a love affair. I love this race and just have to do it again!”

Stenerhag says she has had both her saddest moment, “when I had to drop out in 2016 due to a heart problem” and her proudest “when I won it together with Esther in 2017”.

A successful partnership between Meerendal Wine Estate and the Cape Brewing Company has seen Süss and Stenerhag perform to their best, with both paying credit to the “fantastic support” that they have received. “Who would have thought that beer and wine go so well together” says Stenerhag.

Having flown largely under the radar and receiving very little media coverage ahead of last years Cape Epic, the pair expect to be well in the sights of the competition in 2018. Süss notes that they’ll approach the race from a different perspective, being “the hunted one’s, rather than the hunters”. Speaking of their goals for the Cape Epic 2018, both have one clear mission “to defend our title”!